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September 12, 2013
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You Will Learn to Fear My Name! by Kitistrasza You Will Learn to Fear My Name! by Kitistrasza
My Little Pony - Hasbro
Art / Starlight Rider - Me
Original Sketch -…

Description from original sketch :
When is comes to my OC Starlight Rider everyones biggest complaint is that she lacks the ability to feel any type of emotion and will often do RPs with her to see if they can "spark" a hint of anything in her.
The truth is Rider still feels the faintest flickers of emotion but they come and go quickly and suddenly. And her most common emotion is pure anger. She is rather violent and destructive and she cannot be reasoned with until her spark dies. These sparks are not set off by anything they just happen.

Also as a warning if I made her a character with normal emotions she would be a psychopath


Rider: "I will break your bones and flay your hide off your petty excuse for a body! I will burn the remains and make sure the last thing you see is me tearing out your heart!"

Oh that Rider! Such a card!

Anyways Rider is one the few things in the world that are NOT pretty when they are angry. She is down right scary and you definitely dont want to run into her in a dark alley.

Also as a note depending on her mood / heath her mane style changes.
Normally is a gentle calming rolling motion with stars. Angered it becomes wild and whips about her angerly and lighting can be seen in it and it burns you if you touch it (This is because the lighting is REAL) Depressed / sick her mane is limp and the stars all but fade away.
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TheTruePsychopath Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014
RP'S?! THE PSYCHOPATH WANTS TO JOIN! HE WANTS TO JOIN! THE ILLOGIC WANTS TO REACH HER! (I also have two other characters I've created that literally have no emotion, just like her. It's always interesting to do these). I think I found an artist who could become part of the World of Illogic. :D
Kitistrasza Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm going to stop you here because I just gave a long drawn out rant about this.

It is IMPOSSIBLE like in NO WAY in a million years you will be able to reach her.
She has a disease that developed over time as she got older that makes it so she never can and never will be able to feel emotion again. She can have brief "flashes" but they come and go quickly and she will be automatically go back to being her emotionless self.
TheTruePsychopath Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014
I meant "reach" her as in communication. I already saw that she has no emotion, so that's a part of her character that you cannot change. Also, I'd still love for her to meet Destitute and my Unknown.
Kitistrasza Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Communication is hard.
She rarely ventures out of her house and those who venture there normally get lost.
Besides even if you did get there you would have to get past not only her guards but a demon of nightmare who has sworn what's left of his life to protect her.
TheTruePsychopath Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014
I meant communication as in RP. Also, while the Illogic would not be interested in such an area (and have difficulty reaching it as it has no demon hunters within it...not that it kills, so, if anything, they wouldn't reach her anyways), The Nothing would, perhaps, try and integrate her into the erasure of existence.
Kitistrasza Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You seemed to have missed the point.
Rider is uncommunicative she hates being social in anyway because she couldn't care less about the person shes talking to. Shes more likely to take off at a moments notice then respond.
TheTruePsychopath Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
Awww. No RP then? Okily dokily. Does she have any specific background besides the disease you mentioned?
Kitistrasza Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Going to quote myself from a journal I wrote the other day which can be found here:…

"Does your OC x want to be friends with my OC?"

Normally the answer will always be NO. This is not because I'm quote on quote "Mean" but because 95% of my OCs are NOT compatible with anyone but themselves and their shipping (if they have one) An example would be Rider. She lacks the ability know. FEEL so when people ask to be friends with her they are most likely going to be driven off by her at some point because she will totally ignore them.

"Do you want to RP?"

This is only annoying because the answer will always be yes. If you start a RP with me in chat I will 100% of the time respond unless I find your comment offensive.

"Can you tell me x's backstory?"

This is a love hate comment. I love that people are interested but I hate this comment for 90% of the time that OC either doesn't HAVE a backstory or it's not done yet. OCs like Rider, My Main 6 and Kitistraza are neverending stories. They are constantly changing when I come up with something new I like better
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Catt-Cheshire Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
Oh My!
Pretty Big pony!
Are you a princess of some sort? ~tries to catch your tail~ 
Kitistrasza Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Rider: *Flicks her tail away* No I am not a princess.
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